These programs are designed to increase family communication, cooperation, closeness, and respect. Parents and children – meeting separately and together – learn to handle feelings, communicate needs, understand each other better, take charge of their own behaviors and emotions, feel good about themselves, enjoy each other and have fun. Practical, effective techniques are taught for handling challenging behavior. Parents and children learn positive communication skills.

Please see below for scheduled class:

The Nurturing Parenting® Programs

Live On-Line On Going Nurturing Parenting® Program

When: Tuesdays, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Cost: $25 Handbook + $25 per person/per session

Pre-registration by phone is required. To register call 804-642-5402 or email

NOTE: The virtual 15-week On-Going Nurturing Parenting® Program takes place year round.

Parents can enroll in the classes at any time.

In-Home Parenting Program

This is a 10-week Home Based Parenting Program designed to meet the individual needs of parents.

Our highly skilled and dedicated In-Home Parenting Team offers families the opportunity to learn positive and proven parenting skills in the comfort of their own home.

  • In-Home parenting increases family involvement in the parent education process by decreasing obstacles to participation
  • In-Home Parenting brings parenting directly to families. Families don’t need to travel to class or obtain child care, two huge challenges to attending parenting classes
  • Each family is served by two highly trained facilitators in the Nurturing Parenting® Program, an evidence-based parenting curriculum.

The program is offered by referral only.

Cost: $225 per session


Children First Program – Live On-Line Co-Parenting Class

Children First is a 4-hour virtual co-parenting education program designed to promote positive and healthy communication for families experiencing the challenges of transition through separation and/or divorce. The program assists parents in understanding the importance of an active, involved, and positive relationship with their children by minimizing parental conflict.


  • How divorce or separation and continued conflict impact children
  • How to talk with children about the situation
  • How to manage conflict and emotions constructively
  • How to take care of children during the changes in the family
  • How to develop a positive co-parenting relationship

The group takes place in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.


Thursday, February 15-Time 4-8pm

Thursday, March 21 – Time 4-8pm

Thursday, April 18 – Time 4-8pm

Thursday, May 16 – Time 4-8pm

Thursday, June 20 – Time 4-8pm


Registration: Pre-Registration by phone is required.

To register, call 804-642-5402 or email

Cost: $50. To be paid one week prior scheduled class.

Registration fee is non-refundable.


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